Wellness Resource Center

Providing Personalized Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Since 1994.

Addiction Program

Addiction treatment at Wellness Resource Center is provided in three phases, including partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and transitional care.

Dual Diagnosis Program

Superior treatment for individuals struggling with addiction who simultaneously suffer from other mental health conditions.

Family Program

Designed to provide a strong support network to assist with recovery, we offer guidance and education throughout your loved one's treatment.

Welcome to Wellness Resource Center

Since we accepted our first client in 1994, Wellness Resource Center has remained committed to providing the highest quality of care to adults who are struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Men and women who choose to heal with us work in close collaboration with experienced counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and other professionals. With an open-ended length of stay, we offer a full continuum of services to ensure that each client receives the care that will best prepare him or her to successfully pursue lifelong recovery.


I encourage anyone looking into treatment to explore Wellness Resource Center as an option.

South Florida's Premier Addiction and Co-Occurring Treatment Center

If you or someone you care about is struggling with chemical dependency, then you are well aware of how devastating the disease of addiction can be. If that addiction is accompanied by a co-occurring mental health disorder, the challenge can appear to be overwhelming. But if you are reading this page, you possess the most important weapon in this fight. You have hope.

At Wellness Resource Center, we understand the fears and frustrations that you are experiencing. More importantly, we know how to help men and women overcome the compulsions and disorders that have been preventing them from living happier and more productive lives. Addiction can be defeated. Co-occurring disorders can be treated. And the pain that you are currently experiencing can be transformed into the promise of successful long-term recovery.

For more than two decades, Wellness Resource Center has been a place of healing and hope where adults have found the support that they need to overcome issues involving addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and related conditions. At Wellness Resource Center, clients work closely with experienced and dedicated treatment professionals while receiving comprehensive treatment services in an atmosphere of the utmost dignity and respect. The answers that you have been searching for are closer than you realize, and the future that you both desire and deserve is within your reach. Call Wellness Resource Center today, and discover the path to a healthier tomorrow.