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Join Wellness Resource Center to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

 The United States is currently in the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis due to opioid addiction, a state of affairs the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has labeled the “worst drug epidemic in US history.” In the last 15 years alone, the number of opioid-related overdose deaths have quadrupled. Drug overdose deaths have surpassed motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of accidental death in this country.... Read More

Palm Beach County Commissioner Pushes For Overdose Reversal Drugs, Clean Syringes, and More

On a worldwide scale, anywhere from 26 million to 36 million people abuse opioid substances like prescription painkillers and heroin. Within the borders of the United States, however, an estimated 2.1 million people are grappling with opioid abuse. There is not an area of the country that isn’t being impacted by the vast amounts of individuals who are facing this specific type of substance use disorder, and it seems as... Read More

Boca Raton Drug Users Safer Due To Palm Beach County Laws, But Other South Florida Addicts In Greater Danger

Access to Clean Needles Needed To Prevent Further Spread of Disease in Florida Sadly, opioid drug use has been on the rise, leaving many communities across the nation to consider other solutions and utilize other resources than those previously employed in order to curb this detrimental epidemic and prevent additional harm to community members. In South Florida, more specifically in Palm Beach County, those grappling with an addiction to heroin... Read More

Overdose Death Toll Rises as Drug Users Experiment With New South Florida Drug

Within the Palm Beach County area, drug overdoses are not uncommon. However, within the past few months, more and more emergency rooms are seeing patients come through the doors having overdosed on a medication much stronger than what they have seen in the past – carfentanil. Carfentanil is an opioid substance that is used to sedate elephants and has never been used in professional medicine for human beings. Instead, humans... Read More

The Addicted Brain

By Jayne Johnson, M.Ed Why do addicts continue using despite terrible negative consequences? Nearly all drug related problems can be treated and the disease itself can be put into remission but, despite this, drug addiction, including addiction to the drug alcohol, is epidemic in society today. Addiction doesn’t discriminate as to race, gender, ethnic background, social status, financial status, or education. It can develop despite a person’s best intentions and in... Read More

Understanding Polysubstance Abuse

We often think of addiction in singular terms, assuming a cocaine addict always gets high on cocaine or a heroin addict only uses heroin. While people may have certain drugs they prefer, many addicts abuse a number of drugs, often seeking out whatever is cheapest and most easily accessible. In some cases, they may build a tolerance to a drug, the drug may stop relieving depression or other negative emotions,... Read More

The Challenges of Treating Dual Diagnosis

When something is wrong, we want a diagnosis. But when it comes to mental health concerns, a diagnosis isn’t always cut and dry. Depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders can be complicated by substance abuse, making diagnosis and treatment even more complex. For example, if a person is depressed, it can be difficult to determine if they are suffering from bipolar disorder, are under the influence of depressant drugs... Read More