Boca Raton’s Preferred Continuing Care Program for Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders

At Wellness Resource Center, we are proud to offer a seamlessly integrated range of treatment services to ensure that all clients receive the level, type, and duration of care that they need to develop the skills and strategies that will support successful long-term recovery.

However, our dedication to the men and women who choose to heal with us is not limited to the time that they spend on our campus in Boca Raton, FL, or in one of our center’s programs. While we are confident that we can help our clients take important initial steps on the path to recovery, we also place a premium on ensuring that they are prepared to continue along that path long after they have completed their time at our treatment center.

For that reason, preparation for a client’s post-discharge life begins the day that he or she first enters treatment at Wellness Resource Center. By helping clients identify not only treatment goals, but post-treatment objectives, we are able to develop specific plans that will connect them with the support and services that they will need when they return home. Beginning to plan for discharge early in the treatment process allows us to create the most accurate possible roadmap, one that reflects the client’s unique strengths and needs and incorporates the progress that he or she made throughout his or her stay at our treatment center.

When a person chooses to heal at Wellness Resource Center, he or she joins a vibrant and dynamic healing community that extends far beyond the walls of our buildings and the borders of our center’s campus in Boca Raton, FL. The collaborative continuing care planning that occurs throughout a client’s time at our center is an essential component of the effort to provide the information and guidance that will allow him or her to benefit from membership in this community for years to come.

My first time entering addiction rehab was scary. I didn't know what program or treatment I needed but I knew that I needed help. The way that Wellness uses a step-by-step approach to their treatment really helped me take back my power and overcome the addiction that was destroying my life and my family. I can't recommend Wellness' treatment program enough.

– Sean S.